Corona virus in pregnant women can be transmitted to infants in the womb

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Corona virus in pregnant women can be transmitted to infants in the womb, is that true?

A new case of corona virus (COVID-19) some time ago involved newborns and pregnant women. This of course makes medical experts to analyze the case.

Reported by the Korea Herald (9/3), there have been eight pregnant women who have been placed in isolation rooms after contracting COVID-19 in Daegu and Busan. On Friday (7/3) a pregnant woman in Daegu gave birth, the baby was declared negative corona virus.

Although there is a guarantee from the health authorities that transmission from mother to baby during pregnancy is not possible, pregnant women fear that there will be a negative impact on their babies due to the corona virus. Because pregnant women who are infected are classified as a high-risk group because they are vulnerable to viral infections due to reduced immune function.

Fever that occurs in pregnant women also has a negative effect on the formation of the developing fetal nerve tube. Luckily, fever medication to control corona symptoms is safe to use during pregnancy.

"Experts in foreign countries see that there is a slim chance of Covid-19 transmission with blood," Kwon Joon-wook, director of the National Institute of Health, on Saturday (7/3).
Meanwhile, on Sunday (8/3), a 4-week-old baby was confirmed to have contracted the corona virus and became the youngest patient in South Korea. The baby's father was tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday (6/3), then his wife and daughter, who lives in Dongdaemun-gu in Seoul, were found to be infected.

In China, the youngest corona patient was also experienced by a 30-hour-old baby in Wuhan. Fortunately, the baby has a stable vital sign and there is no fever or cough.

The baby only experienced shortness of breath and a number of signs of infection also appeared on his body. In addition, the baby also experienced abnormalities in liver function.
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