Hair Extension Procedure, A Practical Solution for Long Hair

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Hair Extension Procedure, A Practical Solution for Long Hair

For healthy gangs who want to have long hair in a relatively fast time, then doing hair extension procedures can be the solution. The procedure carried out by adding artificial hair is indeed quite popular since the last few years.

Well, for a Healthy Gang that might want to do this procedure in the near future, it's really important to listen to the following explanation!

What Is a Hair Extension Procedure?
Hair extension is a procedure for adding hair quickly and without pain at all. Not only can make hair longer, hair extensions can also be done to add hair volume or even give another color to the hair without having to damage the real hair due to the use of chemical dyes.

Types and Methods of Hair Extensions
Hair extensions use additional artificial hair that is usually available in many types, some are made from synthetic fibers such as futura, and some are made from real human hair. Additional hair made from futura can withstand hot temperatures to temperatures around 200 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the type of hair used, the method of installing hair extensions also varies, including the method of clip-ins, tape in, and sew in. To determine which type and method of hair extension works best, consult with a professional hairdresser.

How is the Hair Extension Procedure Performed?
Hair extension procedures differ depending on the method to be performed. The following explanation.

1. Clip-ins

Clip-ins are hair extension procedures that are done by attaching cloth or silicone from additional hair to the base of the real hair. This hair extension installation procedure is the easiest and fastest, because it only takes about 10-15 minutes, even you don't need professional help. Unfortunately, this procedure is also the least durable and not permanent.

The clip-ins hair extension method allows you to attach and remove additional hair at will. In addition, this method will not damage real hair because it does not use chemicals, high temperatures, and pressure.

2. Tape in

The hair extension tape in procedure is among the most popular. This procedure is done by attaching a special ribbon made of polyurethane on the additional hair. This special tape will usually be preheated until a little melted so that it functions like glue.

The tape-in ??process can take around 40-60 minutes. Hair extensions that are installed using this method include semi-permanent which can last around 4-8 weeks.

Even so, the use of special tape that is affixed has the potential to damage real hair. In addition, during treatment, a hair stylist will usually recommend the use of a special shampoo or conditioner to prevent the tape from sticking so easily off.

3. Sew in or Weave

As the name suggests, this hair extension procedure is done by 'stitching' additional hair into real hair. This technique is usually done on those who have thicker hair.

In general, the sew in technique is a very long hair extension procedure and lasts for several hours. This procedure will tightly tie each strand of hair, so that it may make the scalp feel tense, heavy, or uncomfortable. This method will generally be carried out by professional hairdressers, because it is quite complicated.

Compared to other hair extension procedures, sew in is a hair extension option that lasts longer because each additional hair will be braided strongly on each strand of real hair. Ideally, this hair extension can last up to 4 months. Avoid leaving it longer because it can affect hair growth.

Well, those are some hair extension procedures that you can do. Although it is practical and does not cause serious pain, you still have to consult with the experts first. Also make sure to take proper care so that the hair extension can last longer and certainly not damage the hair.
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