Today's Foods That Harm Health

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The culinary industry is one of the endless fields of business. The creativity of the producers in creating their new products deserves a thumbs up. Because not only focus on creating foods that have extraordinary taste and aesthetic value, the producers also understand how to make these foods become trends.

Unfortunately, not a few of these food trends are actually not healthy you know. The composition of the ingredients that are not right and the wrong production process makes a variety of present foods actually endanger the health of its consumers.

So what are these foods? The following explanation.

1. Activated charcoal
Food and beverage trends that use activated C could boom because it is claimed to be able to absorb toxins in the body. Yes, activated charcoal is able to absorb poisons. But unfortunately, not only toxins will be absorbed by activated charcoal, but also nutrients in your body are absorbed by this material.

2. Edible flower
Who can avoid the temptation of displaying food after being given flowers that are not only useful as decoration but can also be eaten.

But unfortunately, not all flowers are safe to eat you know. Not to mention the risk if it turns out you have an allergy to flowers. You might after consuming these foods your body will become full of reddish rashes, swelling, and even need to be hospitalized. Horrified right?

3. Kombucha
Kombucha is a product of tea fermentation that is high in acid content. Because of this high acid content, the container used to make kombucha risks eroding during the tea fermentation process.

As a result, it is not impossible that kombucha that you consume so far has been contaminated with harmful substances from the container used.

4. Spicy foods of various levels
Chili, chilli sauce and sauce are famous for being able to make the terrace food more delicious. Maybe this is also what makes the producers competing to create spicy food products at various levels. And not infrequently this food trend is then made a challenge, such as what is the maximum level of spicy food that can be consumed.

However, excessive consumption of spicy foods is also not good for the digestive organs. Consumption of super-spicy foods can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and so on.

5. Boba / bubble drink
Consuming boba drinks occasionally is not a problem. But you need to know that in one serving of boba drinks there is a minimum of 36 grams of sugar, which is the same amount as the amount of sugar in one glass of soft drinks.

For this reason, despite trends, you must not go too far to consume boba drinks too often.

6. Creation of sweet food or dessert
Sweet foods like cakes can indeed make a good mood back. Unfortunately, sweet food creations that are the current trend often use sweet ingredients in excess. This of course makes the fat and calories in these foods many times over. Finally, food consumption that is trending can cause a significant increase in body weight.
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